Photos by Dave Scowen

Dave posted these photos on Facebook, and was kind enough to give us permission to publish them here. 


He said "On Dave Saltmarsh's request of 846 times in Brunei/Borneo/Sarwak December 1962-April 1964. We must have been mad to fly over that dense jungle in Whirlwind 7's with their terrible record of engine failures, but we did!!"


He went on to say "...they are a brief record of the squadrons time in Albion. We sailed in November 1962 and then we were relieved on site in Tawau, North Borneo in April 1964. On our initial arrival in Borneo at Christmas 1962, the Brunei rebellion had kicked off and were sent ashore to back up the Army and Bootnecks from Singapore. After that it was constant tooing & froing between Sarawak and North Borneo, depending on military requirements. We had a few engine failures but luckily no fatalities. (I believe sadly there were some after we were relieved on site at Tawau.) The squadron disbanded at Sembawang mid 1964. Some of the cabs were used by 845 as squadron "hacks" after that. The initial photos were of the squadron working up at Culdrose and of the trip out to the Far East. The photo of the bent cabs were Uniform, water in the fuel drums, and Tango hitting a tree stump with the tail rotor in a jungle clearing. Both "repatriated" to Sembawang via crab Belvedere helicopters to Albion offshore and then onto Singapore."


(All photographs and copyright belong to Dave Scowen)


Photos by Lewis Gaylard

Lewis Gaylard is a professional aviation journalist and photographer.  These are a few of his images and are reproduced here with his kind permission.  (All photographs and copyright belong to Lewis Gaylard)

Photos by Peter Burriss

Given many of our photos on this site are of the Sea King and Merlin, we are grateful to Peter for something a little older.  We start with 846 NAS Hermes detachment early 1980.

General Junglie photographs

Jungle Drums

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